Performans Pazarlama Hizmeti

Performance Marketing

The performance marketing agency you choose to manage the digital marketing processes of your business and brand develops a marketing campaign tailored to your business. Your company then implements the campaign, and you pay the performance marketing agency for the service provided once you start gaining traffic to your website or acquiring customers. This is called a performance marketing service.

Performance marketing ads can be implemented in various ways, and the specific method chosen for you varies depending on many different factors. Essentially, you invest when you receive efficiency from digital marketing activities. This provides numerous advantages for both the employer and the employee.
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Performance advertising is an umbrella term consisting of various marketing channels. These channels are tools that allow you to connect with your target audience.

A performance advertising agency often uses a combination of these different channels, depending on the business they are promoting.

Algo Digital adopts an innovative approach to performance marketing services. Therefore, clients can see the value of the service received at every stage of the process.
Google ads encompass the processes of creating, optimizing, analyzing, and continuously improving advertising campaigns on the Google Ads platform. Google ad management service is effective not only in increasing your business's brand awareness but also in promoting your products and services.

Specializing in SEM ad management, Algo Digital aims to achieve optimum efficiency from performance marketing by providing Google ad management services in line with the project's objectives. As a performance advertising agency, Algo Digital effectively manages the digital advertising management process by creating Search, Display, Shopping, and Video campaigns to attract the attention of potential customers.
Social media ads are advertisements presented to users on social media platforms. These ads target social media users. Today, the customer potential on social media is extremely high.

High efficiency can be achieved from social media ads when targeting the right audience. Because it is generally easier to connect with target audiences through social media platforms, performance marketing ads tend to be significantly more successful.

Benefits of Performance Marketing Service

The most important benefits that can be expected from implementing a performance marketing strategy are:
  • Pay for Performance: Advertisers only pay for successful transactions, reducing costs and increasing ROI.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Allows for real-time monitoring and optimization of campaigns and enhances performance.
  • Highly Targeted: Campaigns increase efficiency by focusing on specific audiences.
  • Wide Reach: Businesses reach a broad audience through multiple platforms.
  • Transparent ROI: Investment returns can be easily calculated and evaluated.
  • Enhancing Brand Awareness: Brand visibility increases even if the action is not completed.
  • Low Risk: Since payment is made only for completed actions, the risk is reduced.
  • Scalability: The size of campaigns can be adjusted according to the business’s needs and budget.

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