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The abbreviation SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which in Turkish means Arama Motoru Optimizasyonu.

The primary goal of SEO is to make a website more visible in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.). A professional SEO agency providing SEO services ensures that a website ranks higher in organic search results.

SEO service is necessary to attract more visitors to a website and, consequently, generate more conversions, sales, and awareness.
Advertisements are often costly because you gain visibility as long as you publish paid ads in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) results. However, if you seek sustainable visibility in the long term instead of short-term results, you must adopt organic SEO strategies.

Since advertising campaigns operate on a cost-per-click model, this type of visibility ends instantly when your budget is depleted or when you stop the ads. In contrast, a website optimized for organic search results guarantees you a continuous traffic flow over a long period.

Search engine optimization service is a set of strategies that optimize your site for search engines for this purpose.

What are SEO Services?

When you decide to get SEO consultancy services, you should work with a successful SEO agency that can present you with a portfolio. Then, decide what type of SEO service you want because there are types of SEO. These SEO types include:
Google reklamları, Google Ads platformunda reklam kampanyalarının oluşturulması, optimize edilmesi, analiz edilmesi ve sürekli iyileştirilmesi süreçlerini kapsar. Google reklam yönetim hizmeti, işletmenizin marka bilinirliğini artırmanın yanı sıra ürün ve hizmetlerinizin tanıtılmasında da etkilidir.

SEM reklam yönetimi konusunda uzman olan Algo Dijital, projenin hedefleri doğrultusunda Google reklam yönetim hizmeti sunarak performans pazarlamadan optimum verim alınmasını hedefler. Algo Dijital performans reklam ajansı, potansiyel müşterilerin dikkatini çekmek için Search, Display, Shopping ve Video kampanyaları oluşturarak dijital reklam yönetimi sürecini etkili olacak şekilde yönetir.
Local SEO service means an SEO strategy optimized specifically for businesses that want to reach potential customers in a specific region or city.

An agency providing SEO consultancy services highlights your products and services in local searches. These services include creating a property on Google Maps with an active address indication, generating content by targeting local keywords, collecting customer reviews and feedback, and Google My Business.

Local SEO targets only internet users in a specific region. If your target audience is local, you can benefit from Algo Digital's Local SEO services to quickly reach potential customers nearby by highlighting your brand's products and services locally.
E-Commerce SEO service means a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy optimized to make online shopping sites more visible in search engine results. If you are selling products and services on your digital store, you can benefit from this service.

The best SEO agency, Algo Digital, follows an innovative SEO strategy that will always keep you one step ahead of your competitors in e-commerce. Contact us immediately for an E-Commerce SEO service that will appeal to the user experience and increase your sales!
Corporate website SEO service is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy implemented to optimize the visibility of large-scale businesses and organizations' digital assets in search engines.

The Corporate SEO service, which helps businesses and organizations create a digital identity, is the most effective SEO strategy for communicating with industry stakeholders and the target audience in organic search.

If you also want to promote your corporate identity on the internet, create brand awareness, and reach potential customers, contact us immediately to benefit from Algo Digital's effective corporate SEO services!

Benefits of SEO to Websites

  • More Organic Traffic: When the website ranks high in search engines as a result of SEO efforts, the number of visitors coming to the site naturally increases. These visitors are generally of higher quality and closer to the target audience compared to those attracted by advertisements.
  • Brand Awareness: High rankings cause your brand or site to be seen more, which over time increases brand awareness and builds more trust in your brand among users.
  • Higher Conversion Rates: SEO delivers your content to the right target audience. This increases the likelihood of visitors purchasing your product or service or taking the recommended action on the site.
  • More Cost-Effective: Compared to advertising campaigns, SEO is more sustainable and generally less costly in the long term. When done correctly, the traffic brought by SEO is continuous and lasting.
  • Improving User Experience: SEO is important not only for search engines but also for improving user experience. Factors such as a good site structure, mobile compatibility, and fast loading times both enhance user experience and positively affect SEO rankings.

In light of this information, if you want to take your website to the top, start your SEO journey now with Algo Digital! Contact us.

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